Thursday, September 22, 2005

Fall is here

according to the calendar that is! But it was 97 yesterday and 92 today. I want to wear sweaters, in fact I have a long sleeve t-shirt on now! I wish it was cooler here, but when(if) we ever move, we will have too much cold for me, including snow. I have never lived in snow. should be a lesson in humility! ask for it and you shall receive it, you darn well better want it!

so I am trying out for a dt, 3 week now. awaiting the results. nail biter. want to be on the team, but not necessary for me. I love Scribbles. It is such a great place to play and just love all the scrappers there! will find out tomorrow!

finished knitting a scarf for my neice and now I have a new patter for the cutest scarf and I want to try that. Gotta get some new yarn, it is a different scarf and will require quite a bit more. I will try to post a pic when I finish!

toodeloo for now!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

August is almost gone!

And then comes the fall. My favorite season, my favorite holidays, my favorite weather. I love the smell of fall, the moisture in the air, the colors, the whirlwind of getting ready for Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas. I love it all. I am making lists of things to do, asked dh to get the halloween box down. I love it all.


Thursday, August 11, 2005

Gosh, this is a once a month blog!

Okay I am bad. I blog too much somewhere else, and I have my favorite site: Scribbles where I spend most of my time. So this poor lonely blog gets a visit once a month! lol I need to visit more often. So an update on my life: the house is finished being painted. The painters did not ever come back and finish the doors, but we did it. We took a trip to San Diego and spent 3 days at the Zoo, Sea World and the Wild animal park. I think we probably walked about 20 miles total in 3 days. Does not seem like a lot but it was in the 100 degrees and crowded and there was no rest! I was a severe task master and made dh and ds move on and on and on. We saw it all! Got lots of great pics to scrap! Forgot my knitting, but in the end I was so tired when we went back to the hotel I immediately went to sleep each night. Too funny! I did not even read!

So now we are going to get estimates in flooring for down stairs. We are thinking about tile everywhere. I have noticed how easy it is too clean the bath floors now and it really is the way to go in this heat. It will be cold in the winter, but the heat lasts longer so tile it will probably be. In the long run, the cost is about the same.

Then painting the interior. Oh well. that will be my job. Always is, always has been. Just like the commercial, my dh is not a painter.


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Okay, it has been too long.

So much going on here. We got new bathroom flooring, porcelain tiles, and now we are getting our house painted. What a mess! Tomorrow they are taking off our door and painting that, so we will have to have the air off. This will be a hardship. It is 105 degrees during the day! Hopefully it won't take forever. It has taken 5 days for the house to be painted. It took 3 days for the bathroom floors. Ack, I am out of my safe box and routine.

So in 3 days, I am leaving for the scrapbook expo. I am beyond excited. I get to go with my sister. no kids, no husband or so, lots of food, fun, shopping, laughing, and we are staying in a hotel so no cleaning! I plan to spend money, take classes, do make and takes and just all around enjoy myself. I need these breaks from my family every so often. When you work at home, you never get a break. I love my family, but I am swallowed whole by them! They always do fine when I am gone, but getting out of here is always an adventure.

I have been tired lately. My age is catching up to me and I am tired. I even took a nap today. It was weird. 3 phone calls, 2 interruptions by kids and slight snoozing. Must be how cats sleep and that is why they sleep alllllll daaaaay.

I am finishing up my nieces scarf. It is bright orangey red and she loves it. I knit it from eyelash yarn, simple knit/purl about 4.5 inches wide. She loves it. It will look very cute on her! I put a slash in one end so she can feed the other end through and not knot it. She was very happy about that! She called it a stole. teehee, such a throw back to the 40s she is!


Thursday, June 23, 2005

Shake Rattle and Roll

A blogger friend asked how we are doing out here with the earthquakes. Well, we roll with them! LOL yeah, dumb joke. To tell you the truth, I am not too affected by them. I have lived in So Calif for about 40 years and I have learned not to be too afraid. We are prepared, have earthquake stores and water and we will be ready when the big one hits. The funny thing is that the first in this last set of quakes hit when I was at Home Depot and I never felt a thing. my son called me and told about the things that had fallen and we did have some broken stuff. Nothing too big. The last big one was close about 40 miles away and it was hard! I did have a moment of worry wondering how I would get the cats, the dogs, the bird, and the lizard out of the house since I was alone, but then it settled down. Anyway, earthquakes happen and we deal with them. I am more afraid of floods and tornadoes since I have not really experienced them.

So we have been spending a lot of time on getting our house fixed up. New bathroom floors, new kitchen sink, new shower glass doors. Next will be tile downstairs everywhere to help with the heat here. I have picked a pretty dark brown tile and it will keep things very cool! It is going to cost the same as carpet so I think it is the better idea. It will be interesting to see how the dogs like it. they will not walk in the bathrooms right now since the new tile in there. Funny!

I am going to have a scrapaliscious weekend with my sis. dh is out of town and her dso is out of town so we are going to my house one day and her house the next day and scrapping to our hearts content! Then in the evening I am going to start on some....(Dudley!) hats for the kids for winter. Last year everyone wanted one and it would take me a day to make a scarf and hat for each one, so I want to start early this year! I am thinking bright orange for my niece! Yeah! shopping for yarn! (this was on my DO NOT DO list for the last year since I had a stockpile that filled a room.)

Happy trails to all of you! TFV

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Gardening and scrapping

All weekend! Yesterday I gardened for about 3 hours. We have a very large back yard and it is all planted, very little cement. So it takes a lot of upkeep during the spring and summer. Then I took ds and his gf to the mall 30 miles away so he could buy...a shirt. One shirt. Oh, well, they got to be together and I got to get some much needed glue dots for scrapping. Then we came home and I started putting together a 6x6 album for my dh called 10 Reasons Why I Love You.

Sunday again I gardened, but this time dh helped. We gardened for about 3 hours again and the yard looks wonderful. All weeded and trimmed and the soil turned and new plants put in. So next weekend, we will continue putting in the brick pathway around the yard and hopefully start on the last lap. I know it has taken me a long time, but I did most of it myself here and there, and this is the first year my dh has helped me. It is in a pattern and it is around the perimeter of 1.4 acre, so it is a loooong pathway! Then when the pathway is done, I hope to have a slab poured along the side of the house and put in a green house. Hope. I would love to have a greenhouse, since I love my plants.

Then, after gardening I came in the house to a big mess. That is what happens when you leave 2 kids 11 and 12 alone in the house for 2 days. So I straightened up a little and then I finished my dh album. It turned out great. And I think he liked it! He said I should sell my scrapping stuff for money, not just make it for us. I am not too sure about that. I put a lot of personal stuff in ours, do not think I could do that for others.

So now it is 11:55pm and I need to hit the hay. Work tomorrow and hopefully I can work on my afghan that I am knitting. It has been awhile and I really want to finish it for my dn. He needs another blanket and I want to be the one to give him a handmade one.

Happy Trails!

Friday, May 27, 2005

Well, no one reads my blog!

It is too funny! Why do I look for confirmation from strangers? I am lol at my self, my need for acceptance! So this is really just for me and what I want to say. Today was fun! dh took the day off, I still had to work, but we got some time together in between reports. Then when ds was done with school, we went to the post office to mail off my monogram swap and cj. Then we went to Ts and got Darth side M&Ms! mmmmmm, so good. Then to Ms for a new scrap mag and then to DQ for a small sundae (gotta watch the calories). Then to El Pollo for dinner. It was fun! ds is a pip and he is my bud. He got the new Emerald game for GB and was so excited. He saved a long time for that game and what do you know! It was on sale today! Lucky boy! So now I am back to work and hoping to run out of work so I can go scrap. Thats my goal this weekend: scrap a little, garden a little, celebrate ds17 b-day, and have family time. Life goes on!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Do you ever wonder?

I wonder if anyone reads my blogs. There are so many on here and how do you find people similar to you. I have gone through a few blogs, some are really different. I think of this as a journal. I don't think I would put really personal things in here, just day to day thoughts, dreams and experiences.

Today I love SheDaisy, Don't Worry 'bout A Thing
I love the color blue.
I am a scrapbooker, knitter, crocheter, sewer, and I like to cook DIFFERENT foods.
I used to love the beach, but the sun did not like me, I have red hair, red head skin, and I burn. So no more sunning!
I shop too much, and I admit it.
I love my boys, but sometimes I need a break!
I have been married 18 years. This time. It was just my anniversary for my first marriage, it would have been 29 years! How does that happen? It seems like just a few years ago I was in hs!
I have few friends because I am particular and enjoy my alone time too much!

Tell me about you, if you read this!

Friday, May 13, 2005

ME! Posted by Hello

Hello, thought I would get started.

So here I am following the footsteps of those greater than myself! teehee! I decided to try both Blogger and Scrapblog. Hope to make lots of friends!