Friday, June 30, 2006

willow traders push!

well, everyone is blogging daily, so this is a challenge for me. i have a simple life. not a lot going on now. prom is over. graduation is over. work is work. come home and surf the net or scrap. maybe i need to add some excitement in my life. did go to the library tonight with ds12. that is always a favorite thing for me. hmmm. well it is the fri before the 4th weekend. lots of people have 4 days off, i have sat, sun, and tues. thats ok, i do not want to miss my messages. so i will work half day mon cuz i told my boss if not alot of work, leaving early! she laughed. its a good place to work!

this is the first year we are not involved in the parade. ds18 graduated and since i am no longer involved in band, no parade participation. some parents! sheesh they really should do this! it gives our band great exposure! so i guess we just will miss the parade this year. it is really too hot anyways to be out there (about 106 right now).

i have a lo planned that is going to be a little different. i am excited! it is going to be more art not just a lo. i will post it IF it turns out the way i want it to.

a young man at work is expecting a baby soon. we have a baby shower next week. somehow i just found out! no one bothered to tell me when i started working there and since his wife has not come in while i have been there, i did not know. usually i make a blanket, but no time now! will have to buy something this time!

so happy 4th of july weekend to all of you patriots! say a prayer for our soldiers and their effort to keep America free!

Thursday, June 29, 2006


lets try again

Thankful Thursday

I am so thankful today for what i have:
a loving husband who made dinner for me
a loving ds12 who willingly listens and tries so hard to be good for me
a loving ds18 who is growing into a man in front of my eyes
a job that is ok to go to every day
enough money to have good food, a wonderful home, a car that does not break down and, of course, scrapbook goodies!

i love my life and i want to live it in a more loving way. that is my goal. to spread the love, to share the love, to help the love along. too many people are bitter, angry, miserable and hopeless. it is part of my job to give them hope by loving them. some of my cases are only over the phone, but i hear every day how i help them. i am challengeing everyone who reads this to go out and give just one person a little more love tomorrow. (i have always said, when you are your worst is when i must love you the most) maybe just that little bit will make everyone a whole lot happier!

Monday, June 26, 2006


where have I been?

SO here is a recent lo i completed (and like very much) from a kit that i received and can not remember which kit club. how decadent that i receive so many kits i can not even keep track of what comes from whom!?!?!?!

it has been months since i last blogged. well, life has been slightly busy, new job, too many birthdays, school problems, 2 proms, 2 gradnights, 3 graduations, and finally summer has arrived. i am happy to report that ds18 has turned 18 and graduated. now if he would just be an adult like he professes to be! and hey, since when is tattooing your entire body an ok practice? i just hate it. one is ok, sort of, but a sleeve? my precious boy's beautiful skin forever scarred and, well, ugly. he likes it. thinks it is cool. his gf is noncommittal. i just do not get it.

i am also happy to report that ds12 turned 12, one step closer to an empty nest! he passed 6th grade...barely. so summer school started today! he is enrolled in tutoring, doing very well with that, just can not get the whole school, do your work, and TURN IT IN for credit. we will work very hard on that in 7th grade. he has no choice. his mother is ultraorganized. where did he get this blah gene?

dh is working harder than ever. he is grayer than ever. all for the family. glad that he is home a little bit more and not traveling so much. but i know come September, he will be gone a lot again. sigh.

i am once again facing some choices. i want to go back to school, have debated for 5 years now the pros and cons. kids are old enough now for me to be gone at night. but now that i am working out of the home, i come home so tired. also, what would i study? don't want to be a nurse now. can't even stomach the thought of teaching since i have had to deal with the NCLB crap out there for years now. don't want to do business studies. have considered art, but what the heck can i do with that living in the country? maybe just take some classes and educate myself for myself. nothing wrong with that, right?