Thursday, September 14, 2006

my newest fav lo!

i entered a contest at and well, i did not win, but i just love some of the los that i did. and this one especially. i loved the pp, had it in my stash and when the challenge was posted, new it would be perfect for these pictures. i just love how it turned out. you can see my ds12 having his first boogie board fun and he LOVED it! we will definitely be taking him back! and these stars i had from a kit and of course they just worked perfect! so anyways, i did not win the contest, but i won in my heart because i stretched and played and had a good time!

Friday, September 08, 2006


seems i have signed myself up for too many contests and challenges. what was i thinking? so i just finished an 8 week contest at it was a lot of fun and i really enjoyed it. but i also signed up for scrap the month of september at it is scrap each day for a small journal. so i have already fallen behind on this one. my journaling is done, but nothing else. i need to get some pages done. and then there is the fall in love with scrapping contest. it is also a daily contest. did 3 days and then got lost. my work has been so demanding and then i come home and crash. i really want to get a lot done this weekend, but my HOUSE needs to be cleaned! bummer. hard to decide which ismore important....scrap or clean. lol! i will work it out, but hey, i need to sleep too!

so i want to post a lo, but i can't until the contest is over. i did a lo that i just love and think it is one of my best ever. that will be coming soon.

talked to a friend today. she is having a make and take next friday and then a crop on saturday. i am excited! i love to get together with fellow scrappers, but where i live it does not happen so often. so i am really looking forward to this.

my 19th wedding anniversary is next week. dh asked me what i want. i said.... nothing, i only want a 1 carat diamond ring and we can not afford it so nothing. he said....we can get it. huh. not if i don't feel like we can afford it. i have enough beautiful jewelry he has given me. he has been so good to me through the years. but i really would love that big beautiful diamond!