Sunday, July 22, 2007

lots of gardening today. it is slightly overcast, which relieves the intense heat but creates mugginess. not sure which is worse! some of my flowers died last week. but we can easily replace them. i try to buy heat resistant plants, but this area is a desert and well, too much heat kills anything! we are thinking about taking a little beach trip. so of course that means i need to buy a new swimsuit. yuck. it has been years since i bought one and when i used it last summer it fell apart. it is difficult to buy a suit when you are a little overweight. nothing fits good enough to make you look skinny! lol!! i picked one and ordered it and hope it comes soon enough for our trip. i bought a cover up too. it should help when i am fried red. of course the guys all tan. i just burn. but i am an original beach girl and love to go. i have to clean house today, so that will take a couple hours then off to see my dad for a couple hours then time to scrap a little. i miss my scrap time so much, but other things have to take priority right now.

my friend's dad died this week. it was so sad. i felt so bad for her. she was devastated. she loved her dad very much and they were very close. the funeral was yesterday and it was very hard to see the family this sad. it really brought home to me how lucky we are that my dad did not die. he is disabled, he is sometimes not very nice, but gosh, he is here, i can hug him and he listens very well now. (since he can not talk back!) of course he has plenty to say, just in his own way.

summer school finished this week and rj did very well. he was ready for a break. so i will give him a week of laying around and then we will find some things to do.

that's it for now. thanks for reading.