Sunday, July 16, 2006

We had a wonderful time today!

we went to the beach today, back to our old haunts! we took ds12 and he had a blast. he loved it! i can not believe our little guy is so unfamiliar with what dh and i are SO familiar with. we plan to correct this! desert living has made him so innocent to the beauty of our world! he had so much fun and of course i took about 120 pictures! these are just a few, just to share the fun!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

yoho, yoho, a pirate's life for me!

no pics today, but we got to go see pirates! it was fun! we got a huge container of popcorn, ds12 got cookie dough candy and dh and i shared a soda. we don't go to movies often because i think it is too expensive, but i knew this was one we wanted to see on the big screen. ds12 was glued! it is a very long movie and he did not take his eyes off the screen! and dh was a little bored at parts but he even liked it. [it is not his usual fare!] all in all, it was a fun day. cleaned a little in the morning, a JD movie and scrapping in the afternoon! of course, not much was going to happen to day because of the heat. it was too hot for anything! we were predicted 120 degrees. it felt like it. our ac never turned off. we set it at 82. we also have several fans going. we used a ton of electricity today, but it was necessary! most people set their ac at 76 or so. this summer has been a killer early and i am dreading august and september. another reason we want out of this area! too bloody hot!

Monday, July 10, 2006

monday bloggin!

yep, been absent from my blog for a week! but i had a lot to do. work, scrapbook, work scrapbook, etc, etc! and then saturday was the snc at and i scrapped for over 12 hours!!!! it was heavenly! i really had a good time! here is one of my finished los. i decided to do a story about us album and this is my very first 8.5 x 11! it was so easy to do! so tonight i went to Ts and got a new tablecloth and placemats for the dining room table. i love eating in there, i cant believe for 15 years we only ate at the dining room table on holidays! it is really a nice place to eat! and hey, i get to sit down, cuz everyone helps set the table and clean it off. so we have real family meals! with all of us! lol!

so my little guy is half done with the 120 hours of sylvan time we have paid for. he is doing very well. he has gone from an F in math to an A. just goes to show how a little one on one attention can really help. too bad the school district does not care enough to see this. for some reason, God only knows why, they seem to think they have succeeded in helping him. ha. ha. ha. not even. it is expensive but so worth it to see my little guy smile and feel good about himself. and know that he and i and dad did it all.

ds18 is off with his band tonight. they have a show tomorrow night and are practicing. i am thankful that they practice somewhere else. the few times they have practiced here it was soooo LOUD and well LOUD. they make music but it is LOUD!! he is happy to be playing again. he was sad when the last band broke up. but today he said something very adult:
i have realized it is just play and not really going anywhere. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i about fell over. really. he has had the dream of making a living with music, being a rock star, etc, forever. and i have told him repeatedly, follow your dream, but make sure you have a job to fall back on. he is enrolled in college and has a job he works very hard at, so maybe he really does listen now and then. i just hope he does not give up his dream already.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


that was a slow holiday weekend! we did absolutely nothing! well, we did go to the mall out of town, and out to breakfast, and did a lot of gardening, and hung a new blind in ds12's room, and i cleaned the house, and scrapped a lot. but really nothing much done. lol!

so today was back to work and school. blech. i was tired and did not have any kind of attention span. my poor patients did not hear from me today. i only talked to people who called me. not a lot. so my boss told me i need to take some time off. i have tons of pto and i have actually more than anyone else. so gonna plan a weekend away. gotta talk dh into that!

i went furniture shopping today. i have a deep obsession for oak furniture. all of my furniture is oak. except my bedroom. so i priced some today. and guess what? it is on sale 30% off. so now to drag dh out to look. i think he is almost talked into it. the biggest selling point is that he will not have to drag it upstairs as the delivery guy will take it up and set it up! he will cave. he always always always gives me what i want. i just need to wait long enough. teehee!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

July 2,2006

Wow, fun day today! Got up early and went to breakfast at our fav local family owned restaurant. then we immediately drove out of town to the mall in the next town over. Of course we were too early! so we went into the mall to the coffee shop and sat and read the paper. then we were first in the store to return an item and get a new one! clothes for me! yahoo. got a new pair of jeans. 2nd pair this year. previously i had not bought jeans for about 6 years. so now i have 2 pair of jeans! then we got back in the car and drove home. i then started rearranging my scrap room....again. hopefully for the last time! we took our old stereo system out of the entertainment center, put matching baskets in there and now all my scrap stuff will be stored like that. in full view behind the glass doors, but looking neat cuz of the baskets. dh seemed to like it. so now to keep things neat and clean!

tomorrow work for me, summer school for ds12 and work for ds18. dh has the day off so i made a list for him! ha, we shall see how much he gets done! i asked for my shelf to be painted white and hung. i asked for some plants to be planted in the ground and i asked for the kitchen to be cleaned. not too much, cuz of course he has his own things to do!

off to scrap and watch GH!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

saturday blogging

here are just a couple shots of our saturday.

i love to get pedicures now. for years i resisted because i really hate people touching my feet, or anything touching them for that matter. never go barefooted, socks or shoes at all times. but i decided i needed this time for myself and it makes my feet pretty so here they are. now i need a tan!

and our saturday has been quiet because our plans changed at the last minute. instead of going out of town to the mall today we are going tomorrow... after breakfast out! so here is what ds12 is doing, ds18 is working, dh worked in the garden and i am cleaning floors, yuck!

but it is only for awhile then i am off to clean my scrap mess up. why does it never seem cleaned up? just always messy! need to purge some of that stuff!