Monday, April 21, 2008

did you miss me?

so, again i have been absent. i just don't seem to remember to post a note very often. i am overworked, when my free time comes, i just want to clean, scrap or play with my family, and really no one is reading! lol. it is just a journal for me so i can post when i want to, right? i just need to remember that i might be missing some milestones that i might want to remember some day!

so life is still difficult with my gallbladder issues. or lack of a gallbladder issues. this last weekend was exceptionally bad. could be related to work stress, but probably because i ate food with fat in it. need to really avoid that because the consequences are quite uncomfortable! the really sad part of all of this is that i will never be able to lose weight because my diet consists mostly of safe carbs. oh, well, not really caring too much about this, as i just want to be a little healthier!

dh has been offered a new post but has declined. i am sort of ambivalent about this. i think he is afraid to make changes at his age, but hey, change can be good. i will support him no matter what. we all know that he has to be happy on the job or life is just miserable! i appreciate his work ethic and know he will make the right decision for his family.

ds19 continues to live with ds gfC. i hope they are happy but occasionally i worry that he is not quite ready for this commitment. he does speak well of her, but hmmm, just not sure. i hope this can be a long term thing for both of them to grow a little and perhaps love each other.

ds14 has grown so much recently. we had to go again and get new jeans. just 3 months since the last purchase. we took a trip to town and saw his peds dr. she was quite surprised at his growth spurt but he is still under weight. at least he is at the 50th percentile in height. she stressed the point of eating more meat. we will continue to work with him on this to help him grow.

we are still in our bowling league. the funny thing is we both now have injuries! who knew bowling could be so disastrous to our joints! we are sticking it out and are now signed up for the summer league. we hope to have ds19 and his gfC with us. it would be a lot of fun!

i will leave with my latest lo that i have created for a challenge at i really love this site, so warm and friendly. it is my new scrap home and i hope all of you will come visit. well, if i have any regular readers, thanks for visiting!