Thursday, September 22, 2005

Fall is here

according to the calendar that is! But it was 97 yesterday and 92 today. I want to wear sweaters, in fact I have a long sleeve t-shirt on now! I wish it was cooler here, but when(if) we ever move, we will have too much cold for me, including snow. I have never lived in snow. should be a lesson in humility! ask for it and you shall receive it, you darn well better want it!

so I am trying out for a dt, 3 week now. awaiting the results. nail biter. want to be on the team, but not necessary for me. I love Scribbles. It is such a great place to play and just love all the scrappers there! will find out tomorrow!

finished knitting a scarf for my neice and now I have a new patter for the cutest scarf and I want to try that. Gotta get some new yarn, it is a different scarf and will require quite a bit more. I will try to post a pic when I finish!

toodeloo for now!