Thursday, October 26, 2006


so sad. we are in the midst of a terrible fire. it is suggested to be started by an arsonist. it has burned 10000 acres, killed 4 firefighters, 1 firefighter is in the burn unit and fighting for his life. the skies are filled with smoke and ash and our hospital is on alert with all employees required to stay till further notice. the havoc and pain people cause. my heart is hurting.

Saturday, October 21, 2006


well ds18 moved out and we are moving ds12 into his old room as it is the bigger room. it is a big mess in my house right now. we are painting, putting in a new closet organizer, waiting for the new bed to come in, moving about 4,000 books from one room to another, and just pulling my hair out. on top of that dh wants to garden all day, i have a house to clean and i am exhausted. i reached a point today at about 6:30 where i just said that is it for the day. i sat down and scrapped this page. i was due some me time and i took it. ds12 loves his new room all ready and he has picked new paint, new bedding, arranging all his furniture. it has been great doing that for him. ds18 has visited more since he moved out than we ever saw him when he lived at home! i miss him so much, but he is growing up and moving on! he is being very responsible and taking care of everything. how is it possible that he is this old? so, tomorrow we are going out to breakfast and then back to home depot for some more paint. tomorrow we are painting the middle room, which will be my new scrap room. i was excited at first, but now i am thinking about all the work ahead of me. it will be nice when it is finished and all my stuff is out of the den/office and i can close the door and be all by myself! it will be so sweet! dh is also very happy about it. lol.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

farmers fair

here is my latest lo. evidence if a beautiful life.

we went to the farmer's fair tonight. i really do not enjoy this kind of thing anymore. we have had some colder weather lately and of course it was too cold for me. dh was cranky and ds12 brought a friend and i had to make sure to watch them both. tough with kids that age, they tend to wander off! so we went, i took my camera and made myself useful taking pics. it was actually fun to take the pics of the rides at night, very colorful! should make a great lo! dh and i took pics in the booth, that was funny! we are both too big now to fit! we of course ate way too much! we went into the exhibit and looked at the scrapping entries. i try not to be a snob, but my gosh. these were the simplest scrap pages i have ever seen! i shoulda entered! dh made jokes about everything; the table settings, the crocheted items, the kids pictures, the floral displays. he thinks it is all so dumb. then we went into the photography part. there were some very cool pics! we both agreed that there was one that should have won 1st place and it did not even place!

so our sweet dog, jake, was sick today and i took him to the vet. they do not know what is wrong with him and decided to keep him over night. he is dehydrated from vomiting, but they do not see anything to point to why he is vomiting. at first they thought intestinal obstruction, but later this afternoon, they were leaning more towards some type of poisoning. eeek, i hate any type of poisin. try not to use it at all. so he is gone for the night and we miss him! i hope he is not too lonely for us!

ds18 is still in the midst of moving out. he is half here and half there. today he came by to eat and use the computer. i wish he would just take his computer to his own apartment! it is tough when he walks in. i miss him a lot and wish he would stay home a little longer. but he is an adult and well, he makes his own decisions now!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

where have i been?

lost, busy, scrapping my life away, working, cleaning, on the phone way too much and neglecting my blog.

here is a sweet lo of ds12 and our library visits

well, no more DTC. that was weird. no notice, just posted on the site. hmmm. okay. thought i was more liked than that, but guess not. no biggie, life goes on. just kinda strange to find out that way. an e-mail heads up would have been better, more understood. but guess some times it is too hard to give the news. it was a little hard to hear. i really tried very hard there.

so i have joined a couple new sites. i am anxiously awaiting a brand new kit, and i really love what is in it. it has excited me more than any other kit i have gotten. and it is a new site. so in on the beginning which is fun, fun, fun! i really hope this place takes off!

fall has arrived. overnight it has started to be a little cooler. thank god above. i can almost deal with the 85 degrees. so hopefully it will get colder and colder. i love this time of year. i called my sis today and begged for baked apples. she is good to me and will make them for me this weekend. i can't wait. my sweet neice left for college and will be back this weekend. i think i will take her somewhere to play! maybe a manicure? we shall see. i need some girl time.

ds18 has told us today that he has found an apartment and wants to move out. ..................... ................................................................................................................................................................

that is the silence from dh and me. we would like him to stay home a little longer, to grow more, to save more, to get more college under his belt. but he wants to go. dh says all the time "Let Nemo go." heh.

ds12 has completed 6 months of tutoring and has done really well. we have decided to give him a break until january to see how he does. if he starts sliding back again we will sign him back up. he loves to go and loves his tutor anyways.