Sunday, July 31, 2011

always august

it seems i always post in august. well, some updates:

my dad passed away in July. it has been so hard to realize that of my mom's kids i am now the oldest member of our family. i miss my dad, but i have missed him so much since his stroke a few years ago. he was tired. sad he is gone, sad he had to suffer so long.

started nursing school in December 2010. i am an older student and it is HARD. but i am keeping up with the youngins and getting As and Bs so i am happy with that.

oldest boy is off on his own and doing well, has a beautiful girl in his life. i am happy for him.

youngest boy is starting senior year and still is my baby boy. he is just now getting ready for his driving license. i am happy he is maturing, but i hope he stays home for a few more years.

my dearest one, the hubby, was laid off in december from his job of 30 years. bummer. but had so many job offers the very same day! he is working for a company that is not as established as the last one and building their product. he is stressed but i know he can do it since he is the best at his business.

still trying to scrap in my very limited spare time between school and work. i miss it so much. but only a year to go and i will be done with school for a little bit. then i will get my scrap on again.

hello to all my old friends out there. and see you soon.