Sunday, January 20, 2008

DS13 and his middle school band. also his group of friends in the bottom picture. all very talented young muscians.

been gone too long, but now i am back to stay

Well, it has been months. Life just got too busy and i strayed from my blog. Quelle horror! So I am going to update a little more often. Not that I have a loyal following or anything, but it is my journal of our life and should have pics to orient us to the timeframe. So here I am back at it! We had a very nice Christmas, too much food, gifts and good times. The boys both loved their gifts and I especially loved what dh got me...a new lens for my camera! Now all I need is a mountain trip to get some great long distance shots. dh was very happy with his new shiatsu. He sat on it for hours, until we read the directions... you are not supposed to use it that long! LOL So now it is the new year and of course, no resolutions. I am a think it and do it kind of person, not a planner aheader. We do make a list on New Years day of what we want to accomplish in our house. This year we are redoing our bathrooms upstairs. New shower with tile, new paint, a shelf in the master bath and a new picture in the boys bath. We also want to do a brick ring around our willow. That is if our willow survives from the big winds. It is looking pretty poorly right now. So ds13 had his Christmas concert and it was really awesome. My lo today is from that concert. We are so impressed with the band director and what he has done with this group of kids. They are so ready for high school band. Well, thanks for reading and hope to post more soon!