Friday, November 07, 2008

here you go

so my good friend kat reminded me that i have a blog. again. i am so bad about updating. i just have too many other things i want to do. and i run out of time. so a brief update of my life. i read the twilight series...twice. i helped my niece strip and stain a beautiful dresser. i went to a few crops with kat and shirley and had a wonderful time {see above lo}. i went on a retreat with kat and shirley for 3 days, totally awesome time. i moved my office at work and worked 12 straight days and was exhausted. my ds20 started working for dh and he has had a great exposure to real life and had to grow up really fast. i went to a football game at the high school to hear ds14 in the band...for 12 minutes and i was done and left and went to dinner. [apparently football is not my thing]. i lost 3.5 pounds and you can not tell. oh well. i stopped taping and watching one life to live and general hospital for the first time in so many years i can not remember. i just could not keep up any more. i am working on organizing my scrap room that is a complete disaster, well in my terms disaster. i can't find anything. i need labels. working on that. well that is about it in a nutshell. thanks for reading!