Tuesday, August 30, 2005

August is almost gone!

And then comes the fall. My favorite season, my favorite holidays, my favorite weather. I love the smell of fall, the moisture in the air, the colors, the whirlwind of getting ready for Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas. I love it all. I am making lists of things to do, asked dh to get the halloween box down. I love it all.


Thursday, August 11, 2005

Gosh, this is a once a month blog!

Okay I am bad. I blog too much somewhere else, and I have my favorite site: Scribbles where I spend most of my time. So this poor lonely blog gets a visit once a month! lol I need to visit more often. So an update on my life: the house is finished being painted. The painters did not ever come back and finish the doors, but we did it. We took a trip to San Diego and spent 3 days at the Zoo, Sea World and the Wild animal park. I think we probably walked about 20 miles total in 3 days. Does not seem like a lot but it was in the 100 degrees and crowded and there was no rest! I was a severe task master and made dh and ds move on and on and on. We saw it all! Got lots of great pics to scrap! Forgot my knitting, but in the end I was so tired when we went back to the hotel I immediately went to sleep each night. Too funny! I did not even read!

So now we are going to get estimates in flooring for down stairs. We are thinking about tile everywhere. I have noticed how easy it is too clean the bath floors now and it really is the way to go in this heat. It will be cold in the winter, but the heat lasts longer so tile it will probably be. In the long run, the cost is about the same.

Then painting the interior. Oh well. that will be my job. Always is, always has been. Just like the commercial, my dh is not a painter.