Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Blogging prompts

i have started a blogging prompt at
i hope you will all join in and use these prompts as tools to journal on your blog. as a general rule, i like to hear the history of people. so my first prompt is about your blogging history.

i started blogging at Scrapblog. i posted a lot of different things there, joined some challenges, read a lot of different blogs and posted many different los. one of the things i learned about was that anyone could easily get to my blog by googling my name or my blog name. What a great surprise that was! i never knew until then how easy it was to find..... me! i have blogged about funny things, sad things, the growth of my children, my marriage, pretty much anything that i think about. it is my own personal diary, but you are welcome to read it! i have read back to the beginning and i learned things about myself! i live a very good life with a wonderful family. i have many wonderful friends! i like my scrapping, my old los and my new los! when i read some of my older posts, i was surprised that some made me get tears in my eyes. i have had some rough times, but i persevere. a blog is better than a diary, because it is so much easier to type when i am on the computer than to sit down and write in a book. i have started paper journals many times and usually it only lasts a couple days. my blog has lasted years. i am a sporadic blogger because life does get in the way. but i have come back to my blog and carried on. my blog has taught me a few things too! i am not as obsessed about perfect spelling and punctuation as i used to be. i can post secrets here and really, i do not care who reads them because it is my secret and most people will forget in a few days after reading it. i can link to my favorite sites on the net and i can meet lots of new people who post on my blog. i did switch blogs a while ago for only one reason: Blogger was easier to use! i am no geek when it comes to computers and i need all the help i can get! so that is my blogging history. Thanks for visiting and see you soon!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


lo of the day: two

I joined a birthday bash crop at The School of Scrap this weekend and had a great time! i scrapped a ton, made some cards, los, and got ready for a mini album that i need to put together. I really love weekend crops, so inspiring! i have to clean my scrap room now and maybe make some more cards with my scraps. Everyone should come and play at SOS. Lots of fun challenges, classes and great members!

I did not get to go to the scrapbook store and crop last Friday, but that is ok. I am still not feeling ok from my surgery, but every day i am a little better. Maybe i can go this friday! My dh has been absolutely wonderful to me and has taken very good care of me. I am a very lucky girl to have him. Someday i will tell the story of how we met. It is funny!

I have been working very hard at work, but yesterday was surprised with a call from my ds13's school. The nurse said he was there feeling ill. Of course, i thought he was faking. I went to check him out and lo and behold he had a fever. Nurse Cindy said ds13 never ever came into the office so she believed him. so off we went to take him home. i got him set up on the couch and went back to work for a couple more hours then went home to take care of him. he was pukey. i hope i do not get it, cuz that would be the final straw! lol.

ds19 is getting ready for his big move. unfortunately his truck broke....again. of course he has no extra funds so Dad came to the rescue again. i am glad we can help him, but gosh almighty, he is breaking my piggy bank! well, at least he has us to come to.

i am thinking about maybe trying out for another DT spot. i know it is heartbreaking not to win, but i think i should challenge myself now and then. so i will be on the lookout, maybe join another site and wait for the call. hopefully, it will not be so upsetting if i do not make it, but heck, can't lose if i don't apply!

my thoughts have been centered on my dd so much and i miss her. a young lady at my work is just about what her age would be and i love to spend time with her. she makes me feel like i can actually interact with a girl again. it has been very hard to see my nieces and my friends daughters all grow up and make lives for themselves. i wonder every day about how my dd would be now. i yearn to be a grandma and wish for a little girl to treat with pink goodies. boys are fun, but moms NEED to be with a girl. i always feel left out of the guy stuff. just having my own little pity party here!

ps don't you hate the way i type. Who knew that for years i typed reports for a living that had to be exactly perfectly spelling, punctuation, capitilization right. i am sooooo lazy now!

Monday, September 17, 2007

RolErcOastER Ride

Phew, what a month. on Sept 2 i went to the hospital for terrible pain in my stomach. found out i had gall bladder stones, was admitted, found out i had a terrible infection from the stones and had surgery on Sept 4. i was in the hospital for a total of 5 days. lots of pain and antibiotics and no eating any food at all for 5 days. then i finally got to go home. it is amazing how much quicker you can get better at home rather than in a hospital! the nurses were awesome, i had the best surgeon, but there is no cure like being home!

ds19 is all set to move again; this time to his own apartment with no room mates. he has decided he can not live with room mates. he says they are too messy and inconvienent. i have to laugh at that one. he is a messy kid! he is very happy with his girl, they never fight and do everything together. i am glad he has a stable relationship. i would rather this than him dating a lot of no-names. his girl is very sweet!

ds13 is back in school and doing very well. he loves all of his teachers and says that as an 8th grader, he rules the school. i am glad he has come into his own and is feeling more comfortable. i just hope we can get thru algebra!

our sweet jakey dog died on August 28. it was very sad. he was our baby for 13 years and we miss him very much. he had been sick for several months and the vet could never find the cause. i knew it was happening and made sure the boys had time to say goodbye. dh and i were with him went he went to heaven. it was sad, but we are happy he is no longer sick. we will always remember him. he was a wonderful friend.

i have to say that i have realized just how many friends i have over the last few weeks. so many people have offered to help and have sent flowers and cards and good wishes. it is so nice to know that there are people you can look to for help.

dh and i celebrated our 20th anniversary on the 12th. he sent me a beautiful bouquet of red roses. they are so awesome! then he took me to dinner with the boys. it was a wonderful anniversary. i love that man!

i am planning on going to a scrapbook crop on friday night. i am anxious to get back to it as i have not been able to scrap for a couple of weeks. i miss my scrap time!