Sunday, January 14, 2007

OMG it has been a looooong time!

well, halloween, thanksgiving, christmas, new years and a couple birthdays have passed since i last blogged. how terrible! so we had a great holiday season, lots of family and friends and love. i had my last birthday of the 40s and well, i still feel like i am 35! hmmmm.

here is a lo of my boy. he is so funny! my ds18 son has fully moved out; he visits 2-3 times a week and eats here whenever he can. he has borrowed money a couple times, but so far is doing well on his own. he tends to go without rather than ask for help. kinda good, kinda bad! he has signed up for the next semester at college and that was a big relief because we were worried he would quit. ds12 is doing well in school, had a concert, was in the big christmas parade, his voice is cracking and he has made a bunch of new friends. he is really coming into his own now and it makes us very happy.

i have been to a few crops since october and scrapped a ton. it is such a wonderful hobby, as this one is staying in my home! no giving it away! i plan to have a crop at my house soon. it will be fun! my dh got me a cricut so now i have the cricut and wishblade. toss up which is my fav! i have to come downstairs to the computer to use the wishblade, but i come down for the computer anyways!