Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Okay, it has been too long.

So much going on here. We got new bathroom flooring, porcelain tiles, and now we are getting our house painted. What a mess! Tomorrow they are taking off our door and painting that, so we will have to have the air off. This will be a hardship. It is 105 degrees during the day! Hopefully it won't take forever. It has taken 5 days for the house to be painted. It took 3 days for the bathroom floors. Ack, I am out of my safe box and routine.

So in 3 days, I am leaving for the scrapbook expo. I am beyond excited. I get to go with my sister. no kids, no husband or so, lots of food, fun, shopping, laughing, and we are staying in a hotel so no cleaning! I plan to spend money, take classes, do make and takes and just all around enjoy myself. I need these breaks from my family every so often. When you work at home, you never get a break. I love my family, but I am swallowed whole by them! They always do fine when I am gone, but getting out of here is always an adventure.

I have been tired lately. My age is catching up to me and I am tired. I even took a nap today. It was weird. 3 phone calls, 2 interruptions by kids and slight snoozing. Must be how cats sleep and that is why they sleep alllllll daaaaay.

I am finishing up my nieces scarf. It is bright orangey red and she loves it. I knit it from eyelash yarn, simple knit/purl about 4.5 inches wide. She loves it. It will look very cute on her! I put a slash in one end so she can feed the other end through and not knot it. She was very happy about that! She called it a stole. teehee, such a throw back to the 40s she is!