Sunday, April 05, 2009

workin too much

yeah, it has been a long time since my last post. i have been working too many hours and when i am home, i just want to veg out! i love my job, love that i still have a job and know that it is an important job. just need a little down time! so this weekend i went to a crop with my scrappy friend kat. i love this girl. we had a good time. i made some new friends and hope to scrap with them again soon. this crop was for Autism Speaks. we did raise a little money. but we had a great time! so if you do not know about autism, do some research. google it. autism is on the rise. researchers are unsure if the increase is because we are better at diagnosing it now or if there is an actual increase in autistic children. early intervention is acutely necessary. i have an autistic nephew that i love dearly. he is such a smart boy and so sweet. never be afraid to ask questions and educate your self about this disorder. you might find yourself loving somebody who will add much to your life.

tomorrow i will post some los!

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