Sunday, January 11, 2009


i won't make promises to post more often, that would be an empty promise! i am the worst blogger! but here i am to say happy 2009, get your buttocks in gear, change it up, make your life a little different and perhaps a little better. i have started by vowing to take more pictures. pictures of my town, my family and myself. just to document a better record of our days. that is what my blog started out to be afterall! however, life seems to get in the way and so now i need to make myself do these things. i also want to be a little healthier. make my thighs a little thinner, walk a little, shimmy a little, just move a little more. i can do it. i have done it in the past and it is easy if i just get moving. i hope you all had a fab holiday season. i hope this new year brings you many good things and that the world can be a little bit nicer place to live. hope.


Rachel said...

Happy New Year to you too! I'm always glad to see you matter how often. :)

.:liza:. said...

Please post more? Pretty please?! I get happy when I see a post from you. :)